bee free area opposite the bee research institute- now on youtube

Today I was in the french garden near the bee research institute in my hometome, Celle in Germany- there are really nice rhododren bushes oppisite the bee research institute- but not a single bee, bumble bee or other insect- in the complet parc- what could be the reason for this? Here a little video to this:


no joke: now there is a patent on a robot bee

One do not know if one should laugh or cry by reading that now an US company has a patent on a robot bee, which could and should help in future by pollunation of plants:

No you can as EU citizen take part in an interview about insect dying

Please, if you have interest, you could change the language in the right upper corner of the following webpage in your motherlink and than write intelligent answers and comments to the interview about insect dying for EU citizens: